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Salone Bly is a innovative product from VLN Solutions Private Limited Company. VLN Solutions has good client base in Sierra Leone and India. Great innovative products are produced by VLN.


Salone Bly is an Online E- commerce platform that connects business people to their distant potential customers, a platform that helps to expand the scale and customers base of Businesses In Sierra Leone


Salone BLY creates ease and comfort for both the business owner / people and customers. 


Customers will be at home and shop online. Business owners / people will be at their Business places and sell online


With Salone BLY you can buy and make your payment instantly from where ever you are, using Afrimony, Orange Money, Rokel Sim Korpor, Rokel Visa Card, Rokel Internet Banking, Visa Card, PayPal  and MasterCard.




Many business owners often lack what it takes to break the barriers to reach their potential customers from afar. There are too many issues and constraints to access their unknown potential customers. Salone Bly Platform addresses those issues so that people expand their sales customers biy with ease and comfort.




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